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As the leader of your company, you are constantly being pulled in multiple directions.

You cannot afford the added disruption of unraveling complex HR issues. NEMR Total HR will be your partner, immediately reducing HR complexity and compliance risk to you and your executive staff.

But, reducing HR risk is only part of our value to you. We give equal importance to building an HR resource that contributes to your organizational vision and goals. Like you, we are focused on your company’s growth and momentum.

Here is a message from our president, Steve Sweeney:

The NEMR Total HR approach is to tailor the precise support you need to accomplish your strategic objectives.  Should targeted specialized services be the right solution, we will provide your internal team with our professional, subject matter experts to help them accomplish their goals.

If a complete outsourced solution is what you need, we can step in immediately and manage your entire HR function – reporting to you in exactly the same way internal staff would.

PEO or ASO – Two Comprehensive Solutions, Your Choice

Our individualized approach extends to the structure of the outsourced HR engagement itself.

NEMR HR provides both a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and comprehensive Administrative Services Organization (ASO) model for our outsourced HR solutions. Both structures offer you much-needed relief from the complex burden of HR administration.

The choice depends on whether you want NEMR Total HR to assume a position of co-employer (PEO) or provide administrative support as a service (ASO).  NEMR Total HR’s experts will talk through this process with you and help you choose the solution that is right for you.

Regardless of how you proceed, NEMR Total HR will streamline your HR operations and create a proactive HR infrastructure that doesn’t require constant handholding.

If our approach seems like it might work for you,
contact us to arrange a discussion.

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