Chief Financial Officer

Employment liability and responsibility
is more complex than ever.

The exposures can be endless and the cost of mitigating those exposures can be daunting.  You need to make decision, build internally or outsource those responsibilities. Your company is at an HR crossroads.  It is your responsibility to determine how to proceed, but also to make sure you keep costs contained. We can help.

The NEMR Total HR team is expert in creating the precise balance of resources to ensure that HR will be an asset.  We will help you mitigate liability, offload responsibility and increase productivity… all while containing infrastructure cost.

Here is a message from Steve Sweeney, our President:

We know how to help CFO’s focus on the tasks that are most important to the company.

We understand that you may be charged with overseeing the HR or benefits infrastructure.  We will tailor our services to support that oversight and take your lead in keeping distractions off your desk.

If our approach seems like it might work for you,
contact us to arrange a discussion.

How can we help you?

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