Unemployment Claims

NEMR HR will respond to unemployment claims, manage the process and even represent you in the case of an unemployment hearing (whether in-person or on the phone). Compliance is the key to navigating the world of unemployment claims and audits. If the Department of Labor came to your business today, would your records be “audit worthy”? We take the worry out of your compliance audits. NEMR HR will work together with auditors to ensure they are provided with the most accurate, up-to-date and compliant records related to your staff.

One of your people is injured…do you even know where to begin?

Workers Compensation Claims

NEMR HR will handle your workers compensation claim from first report of injury through the close of the claim. NEMR HR not only manages the claim, but will communicate directly with the workers comp carrier and any related parties with minimal involvement from you and your employees – saving you time and money.

Risk Management

You have had two slip and fall incidents in your place of business and you just can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. An employee has been out for three months but you can’t seem to get an update from anyone. If this sounds familiar, let NEMR HR get to work for you. Our team of safety experts will come to your location and evaluate your work area to make sure you and your people are working in an OSHA compliant environment.

Programs available through NEMR HR may include:

  • First report of injury
  • Site safety inspections
  • Drug and alcohol testing programs (or substance abuse)
  • Development or evaluation of safety plans
  • Client / job site specific safety plans


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