Director of Payroll & HRIS

Karen Ehrenberg, CPP


Most people look at payroll and taxes with dread, but I enjoy the challenge of staying current with constantly changing regulations and finding answers to client questions, even if it requires learning on my end. I was always the smart kid in the class and I love math. In fact one of my favorite high school classes was accounting. After some trial and error in other industries, here I am with 20 years of experience, a CPP and helping to run the payroll department. Life can throw surprises at you, but through patience, tenacity, and a willingness to learn, you can end up with a career you love!

When I’m not working or learning about payroll, I’m with my 4 kids (okay 3 are adults, sort of...) and wonderful husband. We’re always up to something—Dungeons and Dragons sessions, comic cons, concerts and camping. I know they will all be out and off with their own lives someday but for now, they keep us busy.

Favorite junk food: Mexican food & chocolate

Best vacation ever:  Camping! No electronics for the kids, lots of family time, the great outdoors and campfire cooked meals...there is nothing better.

Enthusiast: Reading. Did I mention reading at least one book per week? It is often more like two or three.

Known around the office as: The questions person.

My personal credo: Never stop learning! We can always improve our knowledge about ourselves, the world, and our chosen field.

Pet peeves: Drama! Just be straight forward and honest.

My personal hero: My ex-mother-in-law Judy. She taught me how to be a mom and a better person.

My biggest phobia: Anything happening to my kids.

Best known for and appreciated by clients: Responsiveness and willing to go the extra mile. We are here to help clients ensure their people are paid accurately and on time. I find that fun and rewarding.

Graduated: Colorado Technical University Online