Founder and CEO

Janis Sweeney


Owning NEMR Total HR gives me great joy, realizing how much I help my staff and employer/employee clients grow and thrive. Starting it was a direct result of wanting to enhance the offerings of my staffing company. Small to medium sized businesses could not afford to hire a dedicated, experienced HR director, and we could fill that need at a fraction of the cost, allowing the owner to concentrate on growing the company.

My parents were entrepreneurs and I worked for them throughout my teen years, so business ownership comes naturally to me. It also helps that I’m a people enthusiast. To run a successful enterprise you definitely need relationship skills along with stamina, a vision for your pursuit and a willingness to fail at times and consider it a learning experience. When I’m not completely focused on NEMR Total HR you can find me with family and friends, preparing a great meal (I like being told what a good cook I am) or going out to dinner, a movie, or traveling.

Favorite junk food: Well maybe not junk food – EGGPLANT.

Little known trivia fact about me: I won a Betty Crocker cooking contest.

Best vacation: Alasksa because I was able to take my children and grandchildren with me.

Known around the office as: Loving to feed everyone and easy to talk to and approachable.

My personal credo: Have Fun or Go Numb. I love and have fun mostly in all things I do (home, family, friends, business) but when things get tough I go “numb” and do whatever is necessary to get through it, staying focused and having a sense of urgency, determination and strength.

Pet peeve: People who slaughter the English language.

My celebrity encounter: Paula Abdul

My personal hero: My dad

My biggest phobia: Heights

Best known for and appreciated by clients: Quick response to their calls, candidness and expert advice.