Skilled Manufacturing

Skilled workers are in short supply. The Manufacturing Institute says there will be as many as 2.1 million unfilled positions by 2030. At the same time, the National Skills Coalition says 1/3 of manufacturing workers lack the digital skills they need to navigate new manufacturing tools.

How can you maintain the efficiency of operations and grow your business? A skilled HR advisor can help you retain and attract talent, meet demands for compensation, safety and flexibility, keep them motivated and healthy, and reduce compliance penalties and workers’ compensation costs.

Benefits of using a PEO
Businesses that use an HR advisory company like NEMR Total HR experience...

  • 7-9% faster growth

  • 10-14% lower turnover

  • 27.2%
    ROI in cost savings

Source: National Association of PEOs

And during the pandemic they fared better than other small business:


more likely to have business operations back to normal (or better)


Had employment growth since early 2020 compared to a 1% decline for comparable small businesses


more likely to have received PPP loans in 2021


less likely to have permanently closed

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