Information Technology

The market for IT talent has never been more challenging. Searching out technical wizzes is one thing. Finding those who can constantly shift with the latest innovations is another. Securing the A players with technical knowledge as well as curiosity, resiliency and soft skills is extremely difficult. And with 24/7 demands to keep client’s companies operational, it is difficult to offer work/life balance to employees.

How to compete with major tech companies vying for star players? What can you do to meet client demands, maintain the quality of service you’ve built your reputation on, and increase capacity to meet growth opportunities? A skilled HR advisor like NEMR Total HR can help you become an employer of choice, guiding you on workforce issues including culture, employee well-being and job satisfaction, diversity, recruitment and retention, compliance, benefits and more.

Benefits of using a PEO
Businesses that use an HR advisory company like NEMR Total HR experience...

  • 7-9% faster growth

  • 10-14% lower turnover

  • 27.2%
    ROI in cost savings

Source: National Association of PEOs

And during the pandemic they fared better than other small business:


more likely to have business operations back to normal (or better)


Had employment growth since early 2020 compared to a 1% decline for comparable small businesses


more likely to have received PPP loans in 2021


less likely to have permanently closed

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