Vice-President of Finance

Ronald Jaconelli


Numbers come naturally to me. Numbers are defined and tell a story, sometimes good and sometimes not, but they always make sense. I enjoy analyzing data to determine how best to predict the outcome of different scenarios. It’s important to dig deep, to understand how each part of the business affects the others and ultimately the bottom line.

My personal credo is “Integrity. Always do the right thing.” I think that’s because growing up as the oldest of three brothers with two working parents, I was given a lot of responsibility at a very young age. My mom and dad tasked me with always making the right decisions. That’s why I love having a voice in NEMR's decision making. Our owners encourage everyone to share their ideas. “You never know what small suggestion could have the biggest impact on the company.” When I’m not in the office, you can find me working outside on a DIY project, listening to music or visiting my new grandson.

Favorite memory: Coaching my son in ice and roller hockey, traveling all over the country, coaching team USA and winning a world championship. I am hopeful that my son will remember these times and share it with his son! 

Best vacation ever:  The two-week family vacation in Italy with my wife, our kids and their spouses.  

Known around the office as:  The guy who gets things done no matter how trivial it may seem to others.

Celebrity encounter: The Stanley Cup Flyers Alumni meet and greet in a Flyers Box. These guys were my idols back in the day.

Pet peeves: When things are out of order or don’t make sense.

My personal hero: My Grandfather (poppy).  Even though I lost him at a young age, his demeanor and mannerisms helped to make me who I am today. I always feel as if he is still with me.

My biggest phobia:  Doing something wrong.

Graduated: Drexel University College of Business; St Joseph’s University