NEMR's Steve Sweeney on CBS-Bloomberg Business Reports

NEMR’s Steve Sweeney on CBS-Bloomberg Business Reports

Reporters often find great sources from other media and that’s exactly how NEMR Total HR President Steve Sweeney landed on CBS-Bloomberg Business Reports. It was following his interview in the Wall Street Journal that Steve heard from Joe Connelly asking if Steve would like to comment on small business hiring for one of Joe’s daily reports.

Joe’s show is one of the most popular program elements on WCBS Newsradio 880 today. It airs on business weekday mornings at :25 and :55 and afternoons at 1:25 PM and 4:22 PM.

Here’s a transcript of the interview and you can listen following the link below.

Joe Connolly:

“A New Jersey HR owner says many businesses with up to 100 employees have been hiring in expectation of business improving. Steve Sweeney of NEMR Total HR says a lot of talent is available too.”

Steve Sweeney:

“We service a wide variety of industries from skilled manufacturing and pest control, to lawyers, legal practices and medical practices and we’re seeing hiring across the board and I think it’s because people do feel more optimistic, they feel that the warmer weather is coming, and cases keep declining. So, I think that all together there’s a lot of optimism and people are feeling better about where things are heading.”

Joe Connolly:

“The CDC says they will still probably recommend wearing face masks though for awhile after businesses open.”

If you’d like to hear Steve, download the podcast at the link below