Ways an HR Advisor Can Help Your Business

Three ways an HR advisor can help your business

Hiring an outsourced HR advisor has a lot of advantages. Hiring one that specializes in employee relations comes with some surprising benefits.

Almost every HR advisor can handle the day-to-day, such as job descriptions, personnel handbooks, compensation, training and information about issues and regulations. Some can also provide strategic guidance—from staffing configuration to business processes to policy creation and communication. A few can be true business partners.

Here’s what might surprise you about hiring an outsourced HR advisor

• The typical HR advisor supports owners and managers. NEMR Total HR takes it a step further.

• Most provide valuable information and leave the implementation up to the client. NEMR has a different technique.

• When it comes to problem solving, many HR advisors focus on best practices across the business landscape. We have a broader and deeper perspective, focused on identifying issues and resolving them before they turn into major problems.

What’s behind NEMR’s Simply Human HR

NEMR Total HR’s approach enhances your employee’s experience, mitigates risk, protects your reputation and adds to your capacity.

1. Direct employee support

At NEMR Total HR, we have three customers: the owner client, the manager client, and the employee client, and all three are equally important. What does direct employee support look like? There’s an open door for employees to NEMR experts.

Our HR professionals visit worksites on a regular basis, engaging face-to-face with individual employees and building rapport. When workers know they are being heard, and their concerns are being shared by an impartial third party, they have a greater trust of management and feel valued.

HR professionals visit worksites

Every employee is encouraged to call NEMR Total HR with questions, concerns, or challenges and speak with a specialist. Our team of professional, experienced advisors provide quick responses. And not just because we care, because without timely responses employees can grow frustrated. That’s a detriment to morale and productivity for your organization.

Additionally, direct employee support is a benefit for managers and supervisors. It frees up their time and unburdens them from trying to resolve employee concerns they may be ill-equipped to handle and not confident in answering.

2. Non-biased third party

Even if you are an employer who takes pride in listening to your team members, you might employ some introverts who are uncomfortable speaking up. Others may be resistant to rock the boat and tell you something you don’t want to hear. Then, there are individuals who keep things quiet for fear of retaliation.

Just think of the intelligence you can glean from someone your team views as an impartial, outside resource. Client employees regularly disclose challenges such as difficult managers, potentially discriminatory behavior, and mistrust or confusion over company policies. Issues like these can snowball into major lawsuits costing tens of thousands of dollars and months of time. Or they can be identified and resolved proactively with the right resources available to your team.

HR advisor for policy implementation

3. Policy implementation

COVID-19 has tested the will and resolve of employers everywhere. With the constant state of change and so much on the line, making decisions has become difficult, even grueling. Take vaccinations, for example. Do you mandate them for employees? If you do, what about those who refuse? Will you lose any valuable team members? Will the policy apply to vendors? Will they need to show proof before they enter your doors? There is an endless list of ‘what abouts’ and ‘what ifs.’

There is more. Federal, state, and local regulations must factor into the equation. Which ones apply and which take precedence? Do the rules apply to your size company and your industry? How are other like-size companies handling the situation?

With all the unknowns, it’s not enough for an HR advisor to provide the facts. At NEMR Total HR, we help you weigh the risks and rewards, provide expert guidance, and then implement with your team on your behalf. We don’t just advise and strategize, we execute!

When your HR advisory team is staffed with seasoned professionals who have deep expertise, they can be a vital resource. They will understand your priorities, your culture, and your people. They can identify potential gaps, anticipate employee reactions to business decisions and policy changes all while offering win-win solutions that work for your team and your business! If you think your organization could benefit from an HR advisor during these unprecedented times, please Chat Live with us to learn more or Email Us.